I’m a Research Scientist at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, and serve as the federal team lead for the CIWRO/NSSL Behavioral Insights Unit.

My position was created to help guide the social scientific research portfolio at NSSL/CIWRO, and includes both scientific leadership and research components.

Scientific Research: I specialize in behavioral science focused on weather and climate risk, especially informed decision-making to support warning response, and issues in the communication of forecast uncertainty.

Scientific Leadership: I help to devise and execute strategic planning for social science research, assist CIWRO/NSSL program teams in identifying and including relevant research from the social, behavioral and economic sciences in their weather research programs, coordinate our research programs with operational needs – including through the Hazardous Weather Testbed, and mentor/advise students with multidisciplinary career interests.

Community Service and Outreach: Associate Editor for Weather, Climate, and Society; AMS Planning Commission (incoming Commissioner). WeatherBrains podcast co-host.